Recharging your innate intelligence

They just keep on GOING and GOING and GOING…

How many times have you wished you could keep on going and going and going? If we only had a battery in us that we could replace, or better yet, recharge, then we’d be in business! We’d be super successful in all areas of life because we would never run out of steam.

I am sorry to say that we will never have batteries. However, we have something more powerful and that is an innate power:

Innate Intelligence. 

Innate means Inborn, and we were each born with this power instilled in us. It’s power that created us out of one egg and one sperm. It allows us to heal when we are cut, breathe, and digest our food without having to tell our body to do so. We grow new skin, new organs, and so much more, all because of this powerful innate intelligence
Recharge your body by keeping the lines of communication from the brain to the body open and free of interference. By doing so, your INNATE can only get stronger! Stay CHARGED UP with Chiropractic!


Innate intelligence

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Innate Intelligence is a chiropractic term for the supposed organizing properties of living things. It was originally coined by Daniel David Palmer, the founder of chiropractic. This vitalistic concept states that all life contains Innate (inborn) Intelligence and that this force is responsible for the organization, maintenance and healing of the body. Philosophically, chiropractors believe that they remove the interference to the nervous system (by way of a spinal adjustment) and that when the spine is in correct alignment, Innate Intelligence can act, by way of the nervous system, to heal disease within the body. The term is intimately connected with the term Universal Intelligence.

Innate Intelligence, as an explanation for the presence of intelligence in an organism is in conflict with the overwhelmingly scientifically supported evolution by means of natural selectionneuroscience and genetics. Although in its time Innate Intelligence had the great advantage of accounting for the very important presence of intelligence in life, the location of the intelligence, the mode of inscription, the type of transmission, elaboration of this intelligence is not well explained by this vitalistic model or concept.