April Showers bring….new classes in May?

Spring is finally here…at least for now! Every spring, most people participate in some form of spring cleaning whether it’s cleaning the house or yard. However, this spring we are focusing on spring cleaning your health! In the month of May, we are hosting TWO classes that focus on how to clean up your house and your body with a natural focus.

detox class – monday may 6th 2019 at 6:30pm

Join the doctors to talk about the essentials of detoxing – why it’s important for our bodies, how to find out if you need detoxifying, and how to properly detox. We will be offering discounts on detox kits from OrthoMolecular if you are looking to spring into cleaning up your diet. We will be discussing how the kit works and the different options available for you. In addition, we will be discussing pollutants and other toxins found around your house so that you can keep your family toxin free.

toxins and essential oils class – monday may 20th 2019 at 6:30pm

This class is centered on how essential oils can help clean and detoxify you and your house! Join the doctors as we discuss the ins and out of essential oils as well as which ones are the most beneficial when it comes to cleaning.

Make sure to RSVP quickly! Seats are limited in both classes, so call the front desk or stop by the office to save your seat! If you are interested in the detox class, you may want to bring a friend or an accountability partner to get the most out of the class AND the detox kit! Let’s hop into spring with your health in mind!