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Feeling Fatigued:

Feeling Fatigued: Can’t we just PLUG IN? Feeling alert and energized doesn’t have to feel like a luxury. In today’s bustling and on-the-go way of life, it’s easy to be feeling fatigued and rely on caffeine as a crutch. If your body is feeling fatigued, exhausted and drained, it’s trying to tell you something. When you are […]

The Race of Life

Drive the RACE of life! Nascar drivers drive the race of their life on the track. They can get up to speeds of 200 miles per hour! Sometimes it feels that our life is a race… a race of time. Does it always feel like we’re chasing time? There never seems to be enough time […]

Have you ever had a health panic attack?

Hitting the PANIC BUTTON with your health: Have you ever had health anxiety, a health scare, or a health panic attack in your life? Most likely, you’ve experienced some kind of pain so debilitating that you surely thought “this is the end…” Maybe it was a heart attack, stroke or cancer? Whatever the PANIC button was, almost everyone has had experienced […]

Travel the road of Wellness

Help! Help! I need the RIGHT ANSWERS! Wouldn’t it be “easy” if we all had the right answers to our health and wellness questions? It is easy, in this day and age, to be led astray and taken down the road “more” traveled… instead of the road “less” traveled. It’s unfortunate, but the road less […]